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Why Systec Software Solution


SSS will design your Website

  • based on your objects for Webpage development by keeping in view your product/industry & your target market.
  • In a way, that your visitors can easily and quickly travel to each and every page of your Website and back again to thoroughly discover everything your company has to offer.


Once a web page/site is developed, it has to be hosted/loaded on a server/computer so that people around the world can visit it. We can host your web page

  • Under you own company domain (E.g. :, )
  • As sub-domain under (Eg:
  • As a directory of (Eg.


Do you know that many Web pages are technically on the Web, but are in reality lost in cyberspace!, the page exists, but nobody can find it because it wasn't designed, hosted and managed with a full knowledge of how Web information is indexed and searched.

Consider staff of SSS as your staff handling your web site at unimaginable low rates, without you to staff an Internet Department in your company. SSS's WEB SITE MANAGEMENT SERVICES is a complete package through which

You can reach potential customers, as SSS can promote your site in areas where your potential customers would be most likely to be found surfing. You want to maximize the potential of reaching the right people instead of the most people. Without the proper promotion a Webpage is no more effective than if you printed a million flyers and kept them in your store house.

Your web site can stand out from crowd (millions of web pages), due to proper promotion on Internet. The greatest site in the world won't produce sales if nobody knows it exists.

Systec Software Solution promotes your site by

  • Indexing your Website with different search engines (ways of accessing and searching the Web), it is important that your Web Pages be logged on properly with dozens of existing and future engines. We do that for you so that to increase the possibility of your potential clients visit your Internet Store, your Website.
  • Constantly searching the Internet for new and valuable sites that will serve your need for exposure thus saving your time and efforts in the promotion of your Web site.
  • Banner Advertisements, which are an important part of on-line promotion and can represent your business to a large target market, providing them with a direct, graphical link to your resources SSS can assist you in this. Location, price, duration of advertisement, size of banner and all other specifications will be submitted to you, allowing you even more leverage in creating your on-line presence.
  • E-mail Press Release/newsgroups, which is another method of announcing your Web site to the world
  • Hot Site and Cool Site links to your web site, which is probably the quickest way to build up a broad base of Internet traffic

The bottom line is this - no matter how dynamic of a Web site you have created, no matter how invaluable a product you have to offer, or how essential the information you present may be - if no one goes to your Web site, no one knows about it.

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