All Crazy Midi Files

List of English Midi Files

  1. I love U (Saigon Kick)
  2. Lets make a night to remember (Bryan Adams)
  3. One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men )
  4. Mysterious Girl (Peter Andre)
  5. Where do you go (No Mercy)
  6. Wild World (Mr. Big)
  7. Hotel California (Eagles)
  8. So cruel (U2)
  9. Freedom 90 (George Michael)
  10. Don't Cry (Guns 'N' Roses)
  11. 14 Years (Guns 'N' Roses)
and the list keeps growing.

List of Pakistani Midi Files

  1. Mahi (Junoon)
  2. Khoeen Khoeen Aankhen (Junoon)
  3. Husn Walo (Junoon)
  4. Chale Thay Saath Saath (Junoon)
  5. Mere Paas Aaja (Junoon)
  6. Khwaab (Junoon)
  7. Mujhe Insaaf Do (Junoon)
  8. Yar Bina (Junoon)
  9. Talaash (Junoon)
  10. Khudi (Junoon)
  11. Purani Jeans (Ali Haider)
  12. Hum Tum (Vital Signs)
  13. Hina (Arsh)
  14. Saraab2 (Arsh)
  15. Guljana (Collage)
  16. Sach (Collage)
  17. Faasla (Collage)
  18. Jadoo ka Charagh (Awaz)
  19. Never gonna let U get away (Awaz)
and this list keeps growing too.

List of some Midi Files downloaded from the web (and further edited)

  1. Ooh Baby I love your way (Big Mountain)
  2. Back for good (Take That)
  3. Every breath you take (Police)
  4. Can you feel the love tonight (Elton John)
  5. Everything I do I do it for you (Bryan Adams)
  6. Please forgive me (Bryan Adams)
  7. Father and Son (Boyzone)
  8. Hand in my pocket (Alanis Morissette)
  9. I'd do anything for love (Meat Loaf)
  10. I'll stand by you (Pretenders)
  11. I still haven't found what I'm looking for (U2)...[Live Version]
  12. Mysterious ways (U2)
  13. Desire (U2)
  14. Mission Impossible (Theme of Mission Impossible)
  15. Wanted Dead or Alive (Jon Bon Jovi)
  16. Breakfast at Tiffany's (Deep Blue Something)
  17. The Saint (Theme from Saint)
  18. Get Down (BackStreet Boys)
  19. Everybody (BackStreet Boys)
  20. Quit Playing Games (BackStreet Boys)
  21. Love Fool (The Cardigans)
and this list also keeps growing.
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